Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Urticaria Pigmentosa/ Mastocytosis: Overview

…mines, H2 blockers, and nifedipine can be attempted. Systemic mastocytosis Adults usually harbor a mutation in c-KIT and often have systemic involvement. However it is frequently indolent and does not progress. This is termed indolent systemic masto…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Stings: Treatment

Treatment Local toxic reactions Initial therapy First-line therapy: Remove all embedded stingers (if present) as promptly as possible, as venom continues to be injected after the stinger is detached from the insect. Do not squeeze or pick up the s…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Stings: Key Points

Key Points The order hymenoptera includes bees, wasps, hornets, and ants. Hymenoptera stings cause toxic and allergic reactions that present across a broad clinical spectrum: from mild, localized reactions to severe, systemic, and potentially fatal…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Stings: References

References Rueff F et al (2011) Management of occupational hymenoptera allergy, Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol, 11(2): 69-74. Rueff F et al (2009) Stinging hymenoptera and mastocytosis, Curr Opin Allerg Clin Immunol, 9: 338-342….

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Flushing: Initial Evaluation

Initial Evaluation Differential Diagnosis Images Erythromelalgia Rosacea Urticaria Pigmentosa / Mastocytosis Photosensitivity / Photoallergic Dermatitis Systemic Lupus Erythematosus…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Flushing: Treatment

Treatment First-line therapy: The first-line therapy is to diagnose and treat the underlying cause, if present, and then attempt to control the flushing. If an underlying cause cannot be determined, or if flushing persists after treatment of the pri…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Flushing: Key Points

Key Points Flushing may be associated with a broad spectrum of underlying causes: medications, endocrine disease, neuroendocrine tumors, and neurologic diseases.  It is typically mediated by adrenergic hyperactivity, and only in rare cases is media…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Urticaria pigmentosa

…arier’s sign can be induced by vigorous rubbing. Diffuse mastocytosis is manifested as thickened, leathery, yellowish skin, whose folds are exaggerated. Systemic mastocytosis involves internal organs by infiltrates of mast cells. Mast cell leuk…