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Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Actinic Keratosis (a.k.a. Solar Keratosis): Initial Evaluation

Initial Evaluation Numerous actinic keratoses on sun-damaged skin are characterized by ill-defined hyperkeratotic erythematous papules or plaques. Actinic keratoses are commonly very thin and may lack erythema, and are best discerned clinically by…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Non-bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma

…;121:489–93. Hill V, Griffiths W, Kerr-Muir M, Hardman-Lea S. Non-bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma, with ocular albinism and Noonan syndrome. Clin Exp Dermatol 2000;25(8):611-14. Jobard F, Lefevre C, Karaduman A, et al. Lipoxygenase-3…