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Malignant cylindroma in a patient with Brooke-Spiegler syndrome

…ndrocarcinoma. Report of a case with a low-grade component of spiradenocarcinoma and an immunohistochemical study. Am J Dermatopathol 2009;31(6):594-8. CrossRef 9. Carlsten JR, Lewis MD, Saddler K, et al. Spiradenocylindrocarcinoma: a malignant hybri…

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Eccrine Neoplasms?

…ry adenocarcinoma Malignant cylindroma Malignant spiradenoma (spiradenocarcinoma) Porocarcinoma Squamoid eccrine ductal carcinoma Miscellaneous sweat gland carcinomas David Weedon. Skin Pathology.2nd ed. Edinburgh: Churchill-Livingstone, 2002:859. Ac…