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A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases

Cysts and Cystic Hamartomas

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Papules, nodules, and tumors that, on gross examination, are usually skin colored and, on histopathologic examination, consist of an epithelium-lined sac that contains fluid, cells, or both in the case of true cysts and of cysts that are associated with other epithelial elements of adnexa in the case of cystic hamartomas.

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Gonorrhea and Disseminated Gonococcemia: Overview

…iseases including HIV infection. Perform a pregnancy test in women who potentially could be pregnant. Treat the patient with urethral, cervical, rectal, and pharyngeal infection for coexistent chlamydial infection with doxycycline 100 mg twice daily…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Key Points

…llae, and inframammary areas. Areas affected by HS are characteristically marked by heterogeneous skin lesions, ranging from cysts, nodules, sinus tracts, and inflamed abscesses. In rare cases, lesions of pyoderma gangrenosum can occur concurrently…

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology

Epidermal Cyst and Epidermoid Cyst?

…to the dermis and is believed to form a cystic structure there, eventually cornifying and coming to resemble an infundibular cyst. Any cyst on the palms and soles that seems to be infundibular cannot be that because there are no infundibula on volar…

A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

A malignant neoplasm of keratinocytes that when present as a keratotic macule or papule on skin damaged badly by sunlight is referred to as solar keratosis. When present as a plaque it is termed Bowen’s disease, and when present as many…

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology

Eruptive Vellus Hair Cyst?

…o like that of the infundibulum of epidermis, the infundibulum and isthmus being in continuity normally. In short, cutaneous cysts, cystic hamartomas, and cystic neoplasms may display more than one type of adnexal epithelium in their lining. That is…

Dermatoscopic pattern of digital mucous cyst: report of three cases

Dermatoscopic pattern of digital mucous cyst: report of three cases

…rmoscopy with compression, with presence of bright white structures (C). (Copyright: ©2014 Salerni et al.) Discussion Mucous cysts are small cystic lesions that occur intradermally on the dorsal aspect of the interphalangeal joint and distal phalanx…

A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases

Nevus Sebaceus

A hamartoma of epidermis, epithelial structures of adnexa, and presumably dermal elements, typified, when fully formed, by a papillated or verrucous yellowish plaque situated usually on the scalp. The condition may present itself as a solitary…

A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases


An inflammatory process that develops secondary to trauma, usually in the form of a penetrating injury or rupture of a follicle, and that proceeds through stages of granulation tissue with numerous extravasated erythrocytes, granulomatous…

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