Chapter 8. Atopic Dermatitis and Its Analogues (lichen simplex chronicus, prurigo nodularis, picker’s nodules, and erosions and ulcerations secondary to excoriation) | Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis

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Fig. 8-50

All of the lesions pictured, namely, macules, papules, erosions, and crusts, resulted from external trauma, to wit, excoriation, the condition being factitious entirely.


Fig. 8-51

The blotchy patches and plaques shown here are secondary to rubbing vigorously.


Fig. 8-52

Ill-defined zone of lichenification, evidenced by thickening of skin whose markings are accentuated, resulted from persistent, firm rubbing; the hemorrhagic crusts derived from animated scratching.


Fig. 8-53

All of the changes depicted, i.e., hemorrhagic crusts atop papules and scale-crusts that cover ill-defined plaques punctuated by fissures, result from scratching and rubbing.


Fig. 8-54

The constellation of shininess, scaliness, accentuation of skin markings, and incipient fissures, known colloquially as “juvenile plantar dermatitis,” is a manifestation of “atopic dermatitis,” resulting as it does, in large measure, from rubbing.