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Integration: Unifying Concept

All of the features morphologic of dermatophytosis, among them, macules, papules, nodules, pustules, vesicles, and bullae, represent the effects of products of dermatophytes that reside in corneocytes within the skin, to wit, the stratum corneum, the cornified layer of the infundibulum, inner sheath, hair shaft, and nail plate. The range of changes histopathologic in dermatophytosis is great, among them spongiotic dermatitis, intraepidermal vesicular dermatitis, psoriasiform dermatitis, and suppurative infundibulitis, the latter often expressing itself clinically as Majocchi’s granuloma—a misnomer because the process is not fundamentally granulomatous, but suppurative infundibulitis. Dermatophytic involvement of hair shafts leads to breakage of them, and involvement of nail plates to dystrophy of them.