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Folliculitis (Infundibulitis) and Pseudofolliculitis (Pseudoinfundibulitis)


Infundibulitis, usually a suppurative inflammatory process that involves infundibula, is either noninfectious, as in the case of pustules of acne vulgaris, or infectious, as in the case of pustules caused by Staphylococcus aureus. In contrast, pseudoinfundibulitis is a foreign-body type of inflammatory process that results from penetration of the dermis by an ingrown hair. The phenomena of infundibulitis and pseudoinfundibulitis are referred to universally as “folliculitis” and “pseudofolliculitis,” but those latter designations are wrong, and, therefore, misleading; the process under consideration involve infundibular epidermis for the former and the dermis alone for the latter.