Dermatopathology: Practical & Conceptual

October – December 2010 | Volume 16, No. 4

Chapter 5: Examples from our own experience

Ackerman, A. Bernard; Alvarez, Diana; Böer, Almut; François Milette

Editor’s note

In a previous issue of this journal an introduction to this series of articles on primary acquired melanosis of the conjunctiva was published. In it, the structure and content of this work is given and the motivation of the authors is explained. [1] The table of contents of the series is as follows:


Chapter 1: Anatomy and histology of the eyelid and conjunctiva

Chapter 2: History of melanoma in situ

Chapter 3: History of primary acquired melanosis

Chapter 4: Atlas of lesions diagnosed as primary acquired melanosis

Chapter 5: Examples from our own experience


Chapters 1-3 of this series appeared in preceding issues of this journal. [2-6] The following contribution represents Chapter 5 of this work.

Almut Böer-Auer, M.D.


dpc1604a04 - Examples from our own experience