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A: You can view tables of contents and abstracts and run searches without having a subscription to give you a better idea of the range of content offered at However, you must be a member before you can view restricted content, such as full text of chapters other than those provided as sample free content. Visit our Derm101 Bookstore or click the “Store” link at the top of most pages of the site to create a membership. If you have a keycode, it can be redeemed for a free trial membership.

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Q: Do I have to have cookies enabled? How do I do that?

A: Yes. uses cookies to manage user sessions and control access. No personal information is collected through the cookies, and they can only be accessed by

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Q: Why can’t I view the video clips?

A: You must use a computer with the capacity to play video over the Internet. You will also need the free Flash player from Adobe (Version 8 or higher).
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A: The speed of downloading content from the Internet depends on many variables, most important of which is the bandwidth of your access to the Internet (e.g., it will be significantly slower via a dial-up modem than via a high-speed connection). Your computer’s processor speed is also a very important determinant of download time. Finally, there can be variations in download times because of general Internet traffic as well.

Q: Can I print information from the site? How do I do it?

A: Patient Handouts on may be printed and distributed freely. Users may print text, tables, and figures from restricted content for their personal use only.

Q: Why don’t I see more of the page when I go to a chapter?

A: How much of the page you see depends on your monitor screen resolution. We recommend viewing at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (for best results).

Q: Which browsers and platforms are supported? Which are not supported?

A: currently supports the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 7 and above), Mozilla Firefox (versions 3 and above), and Safari 4.

Q: How do I change information in my personal profile, for example, a new address or telephone number?

A: After signing in to, click on “My Account.” You can update your user profile by clicking on “Update Profile.”