Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Acne vulgaris

…r dermatitis, as the name denotes, favors the skin around the mouth and around the eyes. Individual lesions are papules and pustules atop a red base; there are no comedones. The condition is but one of many manifestations of rosacea. 4. Eosinophilic…

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology


…neoplasms accompanied by variable quantities of mucin on one hand and large deposits of mucin on the other. Mucin may be manufactured by either cells epithelial or nonepithelial. In epithelial (follicular) mucinosis, for example, it is mostly infund…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases


…ted in dermatitis herpetiformis and in linear IgA dermatosis, diseases that are unaccompanied by any sign of vasculitis. 10.58.18A: Vasculitis, small-vessel, neutrophilic + 10.58.18B: Abundant nuclear “dust” of neutrophils and f…

Differential Diagnosis in Dermatopathology

Apocrine mixed tumor vs. Eccrine mixed tumor

…les may be centered in follicles (Majocchi’s granuloma). Lesions may occur on any anatomic site, but particularly on the scalp (tinea capitis), inguinal region (tinea cruris), hands (tinea manum), feet (tinea pedis), and nails (onychomycosis)….

Dermatology Practical & Conceptual

Blue nevus with a starburst pattern on dermoscopy

…e also observed in some cases of blue nevus [4]. On the other hand, Spitz nevi usually present as solitary lesions on the lower extremities or the face. Clinically, a Spitz nevus is a rapidly growing pink-red or reddish-brown dome-shaped papule or no…

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology

Tricho-, pilo-, folliculo- ?

…ces be appreciated between the names of those lesions, on one hand, and the actual character of them, on the other. A first step in that understanding is acknowledging that pilo- and tricho- mean hair, and folliculo- means follicle. The so-called hai…

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Letter to the Editor

…topathologist in his report is irrelevant to me. On the other hand, if the melanoma has hemolymphatic invasion or neurotrophic differentiation, I would be more worried. Only a few histopathological features-whether it is in situ or not, if there is v…

Dermatology Practical & Conceptual

Protecting the patient is our protection

…ss in dermatopathology practice. Although underestimated, the handling of large numbers of small, similar-looking bioptic specimens results very often in unpredictable mistakes. The latter risk is scarcely reported in the literature and has rarely be…