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Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Hand Dermatitis: Key Points

…uent use of moisturizers are important. Introduction Inflammatory processes may involve the dorsal or palmar surfaces of the hands. Dorsal hand dermatitis is managed as is dermatitis elsewhere on the body; however, given the thickened skin surface…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Dermatomyositis: Key Points

…hema from lupus tends to appear on the skin between the interphalangeal joints. Patients may present with predominantly skin disease with little or no muscle disease (hypomyopathic or amyopathic dermatomyositis, respectively), or with more muscle…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Histiocytosis X/Langerhans Cell Histiocytoses: Overview

…calized (skin only) and multisystem disease. The course in any patient varies from benign (usually associated with localized disease or multisystem disease without organ dysfunction, to severe and fatal, with internal organ dysfunction. Dysfunction…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Darier’s Disease: Treatment

…4-8 weeks), reduce the daily retinoid dose. Maintenance therapy constitutes the lowest dose that suppresses the most severe disease features. Since the disease tends to be relatively quiescent during winter months, if possible discontinue retinoid…

A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases

Histiocytosis X

A proliferation of abnormal Langerhans’ cells that may affect internal organs, e.g., the spleen, liver, and bone, sometimes with fatal outcome, as well as the skin, where lesions usually manifest themselves as purpuric papules or ulcers that…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Atopic Dermatitis: Treatment

…(including site of application) or use of a treatment plan handout may be helpful to avoid under- or over-treatment of skin disease. See patient handout Treatment Plan for Atopic Dermatitis. Suppression of pruritus: All effective anti-pruritic…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Hand Dermatitis: References

…opical corticosteroids, Clin Exp Derm, 36: 149-154. English J et al (2009). Consensus statement on the management of chronic hand eczema, Clin Exp Derm, 34: 761-769. English JSC, Wootton CI (2012). Recent advances in the management of hand

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Granuloma Annulare: Treatment

…s cutaneous phenomena in the setting of a systemic inflammatory process (such as inflammatory arthritis or connective tissue disease). Annular lesions on the hand are often initially diagnosed as tinea/dermatophyte infection before being recognized…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Aphthous Ulcers (Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis, Canker Sore): Key Points

…Behçet’s syndrome, herpes simplex virus infection, other infections including syphilis, gonorrhea, coxsackievirus infection (hand-foot-mouth disease), and other herpes viruses (CMV, EBV, and VZV), HIV (including acute seroconversion), oral lichen…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Viral Exanthems: Initial Evaluation

…measles Parvovirus B19, a.k.a. erythema infectiosum Exanthem subitum (roseola infantum) Epstein-Barr virus Coxsackie virus (Hand-foot-mouth disease) Varicella Pityriasis rosea Gianotti-Crosti syndrome Differential diagnosis The differential…