A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases

Pyoderma Gangrenosum

An inflammatory process that often begins as a suppurative folliculitis manifested clinically as pustules. It rapidly extends to become ulcers marked at their periphery by boggy tissue. The skin disease is associated commonly with inflammatory bowel…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Drug Eruptions: Therapy

…d discontinuation of the offending agent is an essential first step. In most cases, the cutaneous reaction will resolve in 2-5 days without therapy; patients may continue to get new lesions during this time. Supportive therapy: Antihistamines, such…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Erythema Elevatum Diutinum: Initial Evaluation

Initial Evaluation Differential diagnosis Granuloma faciale Kaposi sarcoma Granuloma annulare Sweet’s syndrome Keloids Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Aphthous Ulcers (Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis, Canker Sore): Key Points

st common oral ulcerative ailment, which classically appear as shallow, round or oval ulcers with an inflammatory edge and a faint pseudomembrane. Diagnosis may be made by history and physical exam alone, but the presence of systemic symptoms may war…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Pernio/Chilblains: Treatment

…areas warm, and keeping them warm. Wet, constrictive clothing should be removed immediately. The affected skin should be kept warm and dry, with loose, layered clothing, and the subject should stay in a warm environment. The best way to maintain dis

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Sweet’s Syndrome (Acute Febrile Neutrophil Dermatosis): References

References Brinster NK et al (2012) Nonbullous neutrophilic lupus erythematosus: a newly recognized variant of cutaneous lupus erythematosus, JAAD, 66(1):92-97. Dabade TS, Davis MD (2011) Diagnosis and treatment of the neutrophilic dermatoses (pyode…

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology

Eosinophilic Cellulitis (Wells’ Syndrome)?

“This is a study of the clinical features of four patients in the light of particular cutaneous histopathology. The characteristic eruption is periodic, tending to recur every few months, usually without systemic symptoms. The acute state of…

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology

Follicular Degeneration Syndrome?

“An irreversible alopecia of the scalp occurs in negro women who straighten their hair with hot combs. The disease is common and distinctive, clinically and histopathologically. . . . Hot petrolatum used with the comb causes a chronic inflamm…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome Synonyms Staphylococcal Lyell syndrome Dermatitis exfoliativa neonatorum Ritter disease Ritter von Rittershain-Lyell’s disease SSSS Staphylococcal toxic epidermal necrolysis Presentation stereotypical Age a…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Toxic shock syndrome

Toxic shock syndrome Synonyms TSS Presentation stereotypical Age and sex Women using super-absorbent vaginal tampons especially, but possible in both sexes consequent to any infection by pathogenic bacteria, particularly Staphylococcus aureus, inclu…