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Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Key Points

…include acne, pilonidal cyst, acne conglobata, and dissecting cellulitis of the scalp (also known as the follicular occlusion tetrad). Lesions of HS must be monitored for development of squamous cell carcinoma. Progression is often relentless and def…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris: Overview

…ms while waiting for spontaneous remission. There are several variants of childhood PRP, some of which tend to clear and others of which are persistent. Treatment First Steps Isotretinoin 1-1.5 mg/kg/day or acitretin 0.75 mg/kg/day may be considered…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Alopecia: Key Points

Key Points Alopecia, or hair loss, has a broad spectrum of causes. In order to appropriately treat alopecia, the type of hair loss or pathophysiology must be clearly identified. The evaluation for hair loss requires a very thorough history and physi…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Melanoma: Initial Evaluation

…oma, metastatic Differential Diagnosis Melanocytic nevi Basal cell carcinoma, especially pigmented variants of basal cell carcinoma. Amelanotic (non-pigmented) melanoma may also clinically mimic basal cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma Keratoaca…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Viral Exanthems: Treatment

…aplastic crisis in patients with hematologic disease (sickle cell anemia, G6PD deficiency) and in immunocompromised individuals. When to refer to a dermatologist When the diagnosis of viral exanthem is not clear. If the specific viral etiology is no…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Darier’s Disease: Key Points

…monitoring for superinfection with culture-directed antibiotic treatment as needed is critical. Because cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma is a rare complication of Darier’s disease, ongoing monitoring for malignancy is also required….

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis: Key Points

…, and patients often note the lesions are present on the side of their head that they sleep on. Due to their clinical appearance, CNH lesions are often mistaken for non-melanoma skin cancers (either basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas). Unlike tho…

A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases


A benign neoplasm of apocrine ductal nature within the upper half of the dermis that manifests itself clinically as tiny, smooth, skin-colored, round or oblong papules that usually are situated in periorbital skin, but may be seen on other sites, su…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Psoriasis: Clinical Overview

…adults but more common in children. Guttate (rain-drop like) variant of psoriasis is sometimes following streptococcal infection (upper respiratory infection). Erythroderma (generalized erythema) of psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis. Involvement of the pal…