Differential Diagnosis in Dermatopathology

Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis vs. Plane wart

A keratotic condition of the palms and soles, inherited usually, but sometimes acquired, in which involvement may be diffuse, circumscribed (including striate), or punctate….

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology

Eosinophilic Cellulitis (Wells’ Syndrome)?

“This is a study of the clinical features of four patients in the light of particular cutaneous histopathology. The characteristic eruption is periodic, tending to recur every few months, usually without systemic symptoms. The acute state of…

Differential Diagnosis in Dermatopathology


Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis and a plane wart share several findings histopathologic, among them being a papillated and thickened epidermis, hypergranulosis, and cells with pale cytoplasm within the epidermis. The terms “epidermolytic hyperker…

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology

Verruciform Xanthoma?

“A relationship most likely exists between the verruciform appearance of the epithelium and the underlying foam cells. . . . One might suspect that epithelial breakdown, from some as yet unknown cause may secondarily elicit a foam-cell respo…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Kimura’s disease

Kimura’s disease Synonyms Eosinophilic lymphofolliculitis Presentation stereotypical Age and sex Young men, especially Asians Distribution of lesions Head, neck, and trunk Individual lesions Firm nodules and tumors, some gigantic, above which…

Resolving Quandaries in Dermatology, Pathology & Dermatopathology

Sclerotic Fibroma?

“Nine biopsies revealed a distinctive type of fibroma characterized by an organized pattern of interwoven fascicles of collagen bundles with a laminated or tortuous appearance, embedded in abundant mucin. A number of fibromas showed striking…