Dermatoscopy has undoubtedly advanced diagnostic accuracy of pigmented skin lesions. Pattern analysis is the most powerful of current methods for dermatoscopic diagnosis, but it does present significant challenges to the learning dermatoscopist. We present here an algorithmic method, derived from pattern analysis, based on logical analysis of simply defined geometric features. We consider that this presents fewer barriers to the beginner, but retains sufficient power for the most experienced user. Most importantly, it provides a better framework for elevating experience beyond mere anecdote, allowing experience to lead to true expertise. Authors: Harald Kittler, Cliff Rosendahl, Alan Cameron, Philipp Tschandl ISBN: 978-3-7089-0717-8. Paperback, 320 pages, full-color illustrations and tables. Publisher: facultas.wuv.

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KET: KET07178
ISBN: 978-3-7089-0717-8
Published Year: 2011
Pages: 320
Language: English
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