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The Trusted Destination for Dermatology

Derm101 is a comprehensive digital resource for healthcare professionals at all levels of training and practice, with content tailored to a range of specialties, from dermatology to primary care (pediatrics and family practice), and is available on every major platform—on the Web and via mobile devices in four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.

The Derm101 website and suite of mobile applications including Derm101: Point of Care and Derm101: Self-Assessment & Review contain information from world-renowned experts in the field. Derm101 features up-to-date therapeutic recommendations for a wide variety of skin conditions as well as thousands of diagnostic images of the highest quality available online. Derm101 also contains many types of interactive quizzes, including the field’s leading board review prep course, to engage users in high-yield learning.

Serving Dermatology Online for Over 17 Years

The vision for Derm101 was conceived in 1999 as an online vehicle for providing clinicians with high-caliber and up-to-date content that would help healthcare professionals to optimally manage their patients with skin diseases from diagnosis to treatment.

This vision was realized three years later, when Derm101 debuted as the Derm101.com website at the 2002 American Academy of Dermatology meeting, featuring its flagship resources: Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology (Wintroub, Berger, et al.) and A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases (Ackerman, Kerl, Sanchez, et al). During the past decade, these references have been overseen by these contributors and the next generation of distinguished authors (see Editorial Board).

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