Drug Eruptions | Fixed Drug Eruption

Individual Lesions

Fig. 22-21

Circular orange-red macule and plaques.

Fig. 22-22

Vesicles atop an erythematous, edematous plaque.

Fig. 22-23

Phimosis with an annulus of edematous erythema covered by crusts.

Fig. 22-24

Circular patch with a salmon-colored rim and a dusky blue center.

Fig. 22-25

Nummular plaque with caramel-colored border and dark brown center.

Fig. 22-26

Somewhat rectangular periumbilical erythematous plaque with a rust-colored periphery and dusky center.

Fig. 22-27

Two circular macules, both lesions showing a thin red rim and dusky center.

Fig. 22-28

Circular hyperpigmented macules and patches, the end stage of the eruption.

Fig. 22-29

Hyperpigmented patches that represent the end of the eruption.

Fig. 22-30

Circular erosions.