Clinical Reference / Clinical Atlas / Lymphomatoid Papulosis

Lymphomatoid Papulosis

Individual Lesions

Fig. 54-6

Papules in different stages, e.g., smooth, scaly, or ulcerated with a hemorrhagic crust.

Fig. 54-7

Papules with hemorrhagic crusts.

Fig. 54-8

Smooth-surfaced papule with peripheral scale.

Fig. 54-9

Scaly papule.

Fig. 54-10

Scaly, crusted papule.

Fig. 54-11

Papule with scale.

Fig. 54-12

Papule with prominent scale-crust.

Fig. 54-13

Papule and nodules with hemorrhagic crusts.

Fig. 54-14

Smooth-surfaced papules and pigmented macules, the latter representing lesions that have involuted.