Clinical Reference / Clinical Atlas / Mucha-Habermann Disease

Mucha-Habermann Disease

Distribution and Individual Lesions

Fig. 59-1

Widespread purpuric papules.

Fig. 59-2

Widespread purpuric papules.

Fig. 59-3

Purpuric papules, some covered by hemorrhagic crusts.

Fig. 59-4

Discrete papules.

Fig. 59-5

Discrete purpuric papules, one of them covered by a hemorrhagic crust.

Fig. 59-6

Purpuric papules.

Fig. 59-7

Smooth-surfaced erythematous papules, scaly papules, and hemorrhagic crusted papules.

Fig. 59-8

Erythematous papules, purpuric papules, scaly and crusted papules, and scale-crusts.

Fig. 59-9

Smooth-surfaced, scaly, and crusted papules.

Fig. 59-10

Scaly papule.