Distribution and Individual Lesions

Fig. 100-1

Bilateral, nearly symmetrical patches.

Fig. 100-2

Depigmentation of skin and hair.

Fig. 100-3

Bilateral, symmetrical zones of depigmentation.

Fig. 100-4

Bilateral, symmetrical depigmentation of skin of eyelids.

Fig. 100-5

Perioral and juxtaocular depigmentation. The nevi on the face, including the ear, are of Miescher’s type.

Fig. 100-6

A patch of depigmentation across the lower lip and to a lesser extent the upper lip.

Fig. 100-7

Patches of depigmentation.

Fig. 100-8

Depigmentation at the angles of the mouth.

Fig. 100-9

Bilateral, symmetrical depigmented macules and patches.

Fig. 100-10

Widespread macules and patches of hypopigmentation.

Fig. 100-11

Patches of depigmentation.

Fig. 100-12

Bilateral symmetrical depigmentation.

Fig. 100-13

Depigmentation bilaterally and nearly symmetrically. In zones of depigmentation are tiny macules of repigmentation.

Fig. 100-14

Bilateral, symmetrical, sharply circumscribed depigmented patches.

Fig. 100-15

Macules and patches of depigmentation.

Fig. 100-16

A patch of depigmentation with an ill-defined margin and numerous folliculocentric macules of repigmentation.

Fig. 100-17

Macules and patches of depigmentation.

Fig. 100-18

A hypopigmented, sharply circumscribed patch.

Fig. 100-19

Patches of depigmentation in bilateral, symmetrical fashion.

Fig. 100-20

Zones of depigmentation.

Fig. 100-21

Depigmentation in sock-like distribution.