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A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases
A Clinical Atlas of 101 Common Skin Diseases
with Histopathologic Correlation
A. Bernard Ackerman, MD, Helmut Kerl, MD, Jorge Sánchez, MD, Ying Guo, MD, Angelika Hofer, MD, Paul Kelly, MD, Tetsu Kimura, MD, Giovanni Borroni, MD, Charles Crutchfield, MD, Volker Steinkraus, MD, Wolfgang Weyers, MD

Second Edition. Philip E. LeBoit, MD, Brian Hinds, MD, editors
This clinical atlas features more than 3,000 color photographs and 200 photomicrographs
Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD, Misha Rosenbach, MD, Iris Z. Ahronowitz, MD, Joanna Harp, MD, Bruce U. Wintroub, MD, Timothy G. Berger, MD Individual primers on more than 100 skin diseases including initial evaluation, treatment options
Editor: Giuseppe Argenziano, MD
Deputy Editor: Aimilios Lallas, MD
OPEN ACCESS journal that features the most current research on the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases
Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD A comprehensive guide for this common inflammatory skin disorder, broken down by subtype. Included is a detailed discussion about what is known about this condition and about the psychological impact it has on patients
Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD An important review of antibiotic resistance that includes an action plan for health care providers caring for patients with skin disease to promote antibiotic stewardship in their practice
A. Bernard Ackerman, MD Enables the user to make important histologic distinctions between pairs of diseases
Edited by Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC, Kenneth A. Arndt, MD Compilation of various clinical cases that contain information such as clinical history
A. Bernard Ackerman, MD Histopathologic clues help the user arrive at a diagnosis
Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases
Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases
An Algorithmic Method Based on Pattern Analysis
Third Edition
A. Bernard Ackerman, MD, Almut Böer, MD, Bruce Bennin, MD, Geoffrey J. Gottlieb, MD The Third Edition of this classic work; also included are chapters that are available exclusively online
A. Bernard Ackerman, MD Clarifies enigmas in dermatology, general pathology, and dermatopathology
Quarterly journal of dermatology and dermatopathology 1995-2010
News About Dermatologic Treatment and Diagnosis