Scientific misconduct

Jul – Sep 2007 | Vol. 13, No. 3
Pigaleva, Elena E.

To the Editor:

A pathologist from Moscow, Sergei V. Jargin, who published descriptions of several cases of scientific misconduct,[1 ] was beaten again in the staircase of his apartment house on March 13, 2007 (Fig. 1). The case was reported to the Police (militia) but no action has yet been taken. The divisional inspector has decided that no criminal investigation will be opened.

Fig. 1

Sergei V. Jargin, M.D., March 13, 2007.

For a victim of assault and battery, it is essential not to give way to false shame and to inform colleagues and the general public, in particular, if authorities do not take appropriate action.

Elena E. Pigaleva, M.D.

Radiologist, Moscow, Russia


1. Jargin SV. What has changed in the practice of pathology in Russia since 1953? Dermatopathology: Practical & Conceptual 2007;13(1):20.