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How to Search

The search engine in has been designed to help you find the exact discussion(s) of a topic and/or images related to a topic you want in the shortest amount of time.

1) To perform a standard all resources search, type the topic you are looking for in the search box with the “All” button activated. As you are typing, suggested terms will appear in a dropdown menu. Either select one of the suggested terms or continue typing and click SEARCH. To search for related images, select the “Images Only” button before typing the topic in the search box.

Behind the scenes, the search engine performs sweeping searches of the content database to provide you with an initial list of indexed terms or related images.

You get an exact match when the search term you entered matches an indexed term or related image in our database. If only one exact match is found, the topic/image results page for that term will automatically open.

If your query does not exactly match any indexed term, a list of suggested terms for you to choose from will be displayed.

2) After you click on the term that most closely matches your search term, the top five results for each grouping will display on the topic results page. You then have the option to view all results for each topic grouping.

3) When you perform a standard all resources search, results are returned to you in order of size of discussion, starting with relevant chapters, followed by sections of chapters, tables, individual paragraphs, and figures. When you click on the link of your choice, you are taken directly to the point in the content database at which the relevant discussion begins.

When you perform an “Images Only” search, thumbnail images for up to two results for each resource are displayed. If there are more than two results from a resource, you will be given the option to link to a complete results page for that resource by clicking “SEE ALL results for this resource.” In addition to the thumbnail image, the results page includes the title of the chapter or quiz where the image was found (with a link), the image number and legend (if available), and a link to a full-size view of the image.

Note: If you click on a table result, you will be taken to the point in the content database where the table is cited. Click on the table cite for a pop-up window containing the table. Search Tips

1) Search will provide a list of suggested topics, including spelling suggestions, when an exact match is not found, but, if there are alternate spellings of the topic or forms of the term, try those.