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Derm101: Point of Care

Derm101: Point of Care is a new practical resource for the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, now available at your fingertips, featuring content from, one of the leading academic resources in dermatology online.

Derm101: Point of Care
Derm101: Punto de Cuidado
Derm101: Point of Care (Portuguese)
Derm101 Point of Care: 皮肤诊疗助手

Derm101: Self-Assessment & Review

This is the mobile version of Self-Assessment & Review with the same study features as those on our website.
Enhance your knowledge and prepare for the dermatology board and re-certification examinations with the Derm101: Self-Assessment & Review app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPad mini. Packed with tons of great content and features, including:
  • 1800+ challenging questions covering more than 25 topics
  • Detailed explanations with answers
  • Flag questions, take notes
  • Compatible with all iOS devices
Adapted from Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery Self-Assessment and Review (Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC and Kenneth A. Arndt, MD; Associate Editors Jeffrey Hsu, MD and Ashish Bhatia, MD). Edited and revised by Michael Rosenblum, MD, PhD (2014-2015).
A Derm101: Self-Assessment & Review subscription package is required for a free download and installation.
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Derm101: Self-Assessment & Review

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