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…xcess hyaline around blood vessels is found in lesions of porphyria and hyalinosis cutis et mucosae (lipoid proteinosis). In cylindroma, tumor islands are surrounded by a hyaline rim.” Warschaw KE, Cotton JP. Glossary. In: Farmer ER, Hood AF,…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Factitious dermatitis and panniculitis

…trom L, Winkelmann RK. Factitial panniculitis. Arch Dermatol 1974;110:747–50. Helfman RJ. Factitial scalp lesions resembling cylindroma. Report of two cases. Arch Dermatol 1965;91:345–46. Kossard S, Ecker RI, Dicken CH. Povidone panniculitis….

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…ssociation of benign neoplasms with adnexal differentiation is the concurrence in the same patient of trichoepitheliomas and cylindromas, a phenomenon met with uncommonly. Such an affiliation is in keeping with cylindroma being a neoplasm with…

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Study By Disease

…ulcerated and crusted secondary to excoriation (Quiz #616) Congenital speckled lentiginous nevus (nevus spilus) (Quiz #666) Cylindroma (Quiz #462) Darier’s disease (Quiz #246) Darier’s disease (keratosis follicularis) (Quiz #98)…