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Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases


…mmatory process caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In the skin, it may be primary as a consequence of direct inoculation (tuberculosis verrucosa cutis) or secondary to a focus of tuberculosis in another organ (the lung for lupus vulgaris, and…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Erythema Multiforme: Key Points

Key Points Erythema multiforme (EM) is a clinical syndrome marked by either target lesions and/or mucosal erosions. It may be idiopathic or seen in association with infections or medications. EM has been reported in association with herpes simplex…

Therapeutic Strategies in Dermatology

Varicella & Herpes Zoster: Treatment

Treatment Primary Varicella Infection Primary varicella is typically a self-limited and mild infection in healthy immunocompetent children under 12 years old and treatment is not generally recommended in such cases. In adolescents and adults, early…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Errors and Reasons

…t is not “transient,” although it may be. Error: Tuberculids are true hypersensitivity reactions to mycobacteria tuberculosis. Reason: All of the conditions referred to in times past (when tuberculosis was rife and the cause of it was…

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Id Reactions?

…1920:563. “They [tuberculids] are considered immune reactions within the skin due to hematogenous dissemination of M. tuberculosis or its antigens from a primary source, in an individual with strong antituberculous cell-mediated immunity….

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Subcutaneous Fat: Panniculitis

…nse of sequence chronological of a particular process, i.e., the life of lesions; and (5) because infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis is much less common than it was in the 19th century, no authentic judgment can be made about the validity of a…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Nodular vasculitis

…imply to be nodular vasculitis brought about in response to tubercle bacilli present in another organ. In former times, when tuberculosis was rife, that condition, then termed “erythema induratum” and now “nodular…

Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases


…Rosacea, lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei In times past, this manifestation of rosacea was interpreted as an expression of tuberculosis and was given designations like rosacea-like tuberculid, lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei, and acnitis. In…