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Clinical Case Studies

Palmar Pustulosis

…, the presence of nail pitting, and the lack of an offending drug. There was no evidence of sternocostoclavicular arthritis, acne, or synovitis. Examination of a potassium hydroxide scraping was negative, and the remainder of the physical exam was…

Clinical Case Studies

Rhinophyma with Basal Cell Carcinoma

…in a bulbous nasal tip appearance, and a growing nodule on the right nasal dorsum. (Figure 1) The patient had long-standing acne rosacea and had been treated with topical metronidazole for 7 years followed by azelaic acid gel for 2 years prior to…

Clinical Case Studies

Extensive Actinic Damage

…lp and a history of multiple nonmelanoma skin cancers. (Figure 1) The patient had been treated with radiation for adolescent acne vulgaris. One year prior to presentation, he had surgical resection of a left parotid gland adenoid cystic carcinoma….