Animal-type melanoma with balloon-cell change / Equine melanotic disease / Melanophagic melanoma / Nodal and subcutaneous cellular blue nevus / Pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma. Although the notion of animal-type melanoma is dizzying, more and more articles are being devoted to it. All of the terms that grace the list above are camouflage for not knowing the answer to a particular question, which is the situation for a histopathologist who cannot give a specific diagnosis for a “difficult case.” Sad to say, the welter of terms and the ideas that animate them actually reinforce ignorance and impair generation of new knowledge which, paradoxically, is the only antidote for it. Our goal is to bring comprehension to the matter of heavily pigmented melanocytic lesions, in particular, so-called animal-type melanoma and the entities said to be related to it, among those epithelioid blue nevus and pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma.

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