This work demonstrates compellingly by force of logic combined with profound knowledge of principles of classic pathology and meticulous assessment of the pivotal articles of the original proponents, Kerr and Wyllie, that apoptosis, perhaps the “hottest” subject in medicine during the last quarter of the twentieth century, is founded on seriously flawed perceptions of rudiments of pathology, among them such basics as definition of necrosis and cell death, and the indisputable differences between them. As the title of the volume indicates, the subject of apoptosis is couched in the vantage of the history of apoptosis within the history of pathology itself and in that context traces the zigs and zags, contradictions, and inconsistencies of advocates of it, among them being the striking shift from apoptosis being an expression only of a physiologic phenomenon, such as that which marks the catagen phase of the hair follicle cycle, to its being a manifestation of nearly every pathologic process in every organ. Reference to apoptosis is now as ubiquitous as allusion to dysplasia, and equally without merit or legitimacy.

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