This daunting story of medicine in the Third Reich, particularly in the field of dermatology, is by a young German physician-scholar. It is made particularly poignant by virtue of the touching manner in which the author tells how lives of individual Jewish dermatologists were changed irreparably by the fierce national socialism, insensitivity, ambition, and avarice of German medical colleagues. At the end, a reader is challenged to search his/her own conscience and soul for an answer to the question how he/she would have behaved under the same set of circumstances. Confronting that question directly and honestly is an important first step to behaving in more admirable, lofty fashion, not only in exceptional circumstances, but in one’s life every day.

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KET: KET1028
ISBN: 1-56833-121-5
Published Year: 1998
Pages: 442
Language: English
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