This work seeks to review comprehensively the subject of melanomas in prepubescents and to do that in historical perspective, paying special heed to histopathologic criteria for diagnosis and for differential diagnosis from Spitz’s nevus, as well as to peculiarities in biologic course. In the process of attempting to achieve that desideratum, we endeavor to dispel myths that serve to becloud understanding and that impede capability for accurate diagnosis, among the ill-conceived notions of atypical Spitz’s nevus, malignant Spitz’s nevus, and metastasizing Spitz’s nevus. Our purpose is to assist colleagues in their effort to comprehend the complexity of melanomas in prepubescents and to simplify that matter without being simplistic. By enabling colleagues in clinical medicine and in surgical pathology to identify melanomas in prepubescents for what they are, or at the very least having a much heightened index of suspicion about the possibility of such a diagnosis, we hope to make young children with melanoma and their families beneficiaries of this Arbeit.

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