Whereas the first volume of engaged, head on, 100 enigmas such as apoptosis, capellaritis, malignant Spitz’s nevus, parapsoriasis, and the purported epidemic of melanoma, the second volume addresses, in similar fashion, another 100 conundra, among them allergic granulomatosis of Churg and Strauss, Wegener’s granulomatosis, basaloid follicular hamartoma, folliculocentric basaloid proliferation, and melanoma without competence for metastasis. Every one of the subjects grappled with poses a problem in comprehension for students, and every one of them is made more comprehensible by virtue of the logical, incisive, knowledgeable manner in which they are assessed. Just as was the case in the first volume, in the margin of each essay are quotations from the literature which support the conventional point of view under assault by Dr. Ackerman. This technique serves to provide a reader with a review of the essence of what has been published about the particular subject under scrutiny, in addition to setting forth the point of view contrary to that of the senior author.

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