Nowadays, a patient presumed to have a metastasis of melanoma is given three options: 1) elective lymph node dissection (END); 2)adjuvant medical therapy, the one most in vogue currently being interferon; and 3) sentinel lymph node biopsy (SNB). These three modalities have been studied and written about extensively; all three remain controversial. This endeavor was undertaken in order to assess critically each of the three modalities. We sought to accomplish the desideration by reviewing the important medical literature that pertains to each of them, elucidating matters of controversy in regard to END, adjuvant medical threapy, and SNB. The objective, in short, is to make these subjects readily comprehensible and to lead a reader to conclusions that are compelling because the evidence for them is incontrovertible. If that goal is achieved, as we are confident it will be, then the patients will ultimately be beneficiaries.

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KET: KET 57260
ISBN: 1-893357-26-0
Published Year: 2004
Pages: 79
Language: English
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