A monograph(soft cover). This work concerns the sun and the “epidemic” of melanoma. This endeavor aims, at a minimum, to examine claims made about the effects of the sun not only on the development of primary cutaneous melanoma, but on an efflorescence of melanomas. But our purpose transcends those matters, being directed as it is to diverse issues in many disciplines of medicine that are mired today in fallacy, fad, and fear, to say nothing of economic self interest and political correctness. We live in an age when medical resources are being devoted increasingly to the prevention of disease. Although treatment and cure are still important considerations, “preventive medicine” is beginning to garner its rightful share of resources. In this new age, prescription and proscription stand side by side in the battle against disease. And that is how it should be. But we demand evidence before prescribing therapies, and we should do the same before proscribing behavior.

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KET: KET 57365
ISBN: 978-1-893357-36-5
Published Year: 2008
Pages: 439
Language: English
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