Angular Cheilitis

Clinical Cases

Case 1

  • 68-year-old healthy female
  • No significant past medical history
  • Edentulous with ill-fitting dentures
  • Presents for evaluation and management of long-standing “lip ulcers”

Initial evaluation

  • Healthy appearing female
  • Perioral crusted erythematous crusted papules, with erythema and fissuring at bilateral lateral oral commissures
  • No evidence of oral candidiasis on exam
  • Nystatin ointment t.i.d. to affected areas
  • Recommend frequent application of barrier ointment (petrolatum) throughout the day to avoid ongoing maceration
  • Recommend soaking dentures nightly in appropriate denture disinfecting solution
  • Referral to dentist for denture-fitting
  • Follow-up in 2 weeks (much improved)