Keratosis Pilaris

Clinical Case

Case 1

  • 18-year-old healthy female
  • Family history notable for atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis
  • Presents for evaluation and management of long-standing “rash” on bilateral posterior arms
  • Asymptomatic rash
  • Primary concern is cosmetic appearance

Initial evaluation

  • Healthy female
  • Generalized xerosis
  • Bilateral posterior arms: monomorphous, closely set 1 mm hyperkeratotic non-inflammatory papules with a central spicule overlying a faintly erythematous patch
  • No pustules present
  • Diagnosis: KP, non-inflammatory
  • Recommendation: mechanical exfoliation with washcloth daily in the shower, followed by daily application of 20% urea cream
  • Gentle skin care reviewed and educational handout provided to patient
  • Follow-up as needed